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Construction having begun in 2018, the first phase of the  building project is nearing completion, and the chapel interior is well underway.

Though contemporary architecture dictates otherwise, its designs producing oddities or  blights in the beauty of the landscape, a building's structure should be congruous with its intended use as it is key in rendering the atmosphere of our environment. A home should be welcoming, a city hall is majestic and austere, a cathedral lifts us to heaven with its towering spires and angelic arches. The motherhouse is the heart of a religious congregation; it is the source of its life-blood. From it, as from a fountain, flows the spirit which must animate and unite all its members into a force of good influence. Thus the convent building should reflect the quality and values of those it houses and breathe inspiration into those it nurtures.


Since the generosity of our benefactors has shown itself sterling, we have the bulk of the money needed to complete the first phase of this momentous project. This includes immediate housing and essential workspaces, as well as the basic structure of the chapel. The plans permit a second phase which will finish the chapel design in the beauty of the Gothic style, and provide further bedrooms and the larger common rooms necessary with future growth.

It can truly be said that the wondrous Catholic structures that today regale our eyes would not be standing were it not for the gifts of disinterested men and women. Visit our campaign site to see how you can help. We are appealing to all our supporters far and wide, rich and poor to give of themselves to our undertaking.

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