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The principal work of the Sisters begins with the education of the youth to whom the preservation of the Church will be entrusted. 

The Catholic education of children is a most urgent need in these troubled times in which truth is endangered by error and heresy. Public institutions of education now presenting a serious danger to faith and morals, are no longer an option for Catholic parents. Many families turn to the Sisters seeking assistance in the academic and spiritual formation of their children. 


For this work of training youth the Sisters are prepared academically so as to be qualified to teach in both the elementary and higher levels of education. Following on her novitiate, the Sister will attend a Juniorette during which she is trained to become an efficient instructor and educator. Depending on her natural aptitude and previous education, she receives courses in the Humanities, Rhetoric, Latin, philosophy, theology and especially in the theory and methods of education. If she is intended to teach higher courses of science and math, she will go on to specialize in her respective field. 

But the formation of the intellect is useless without a strong spiritual life, most especially in these times of anti-religious culture. The Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas must become instruments of grace for their children. They must not only be versed in the dogma and truths of our Faith but must be living examples of it. To this purpose, the religious Sister devotes herself ardently to acquiring religious perfection and virtue during the time of her Novitiate. Inseparably united to Jesus Christ the source of light and virtue, she will be prepared, in turn, to communicate it to others.

The Sisters presently operate three schools. One in Brooksville, Florida, one in Modesto, California; and one in Phoenix, Arizona. Our Florida Academy, Queen of All Saints Academy, is a Catholic school for on-campus and online students. Through the contributions and support of those who recognize the need for traditional Catholic schools, we hope to found more schools and extend the reach of our virtual school in order to help preserve the Faith in the souls of our youth.

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