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Virtual Vocation


Devoting a day to prayer and recollection is of great help in determining one's religious vocation. Join the Sisters in a live-streamed retreat for conferences, meditation, Q&A, and the chanting of the Divine Office. 


Age requirement: Between 16 and 30 years of age.

Saturday, December 2

10:00 Conference

11:00 Reflection/Reading

11:30 Conference

12:30 Meditation

Free Time for Lunch
2:00 Conference

3:00 Q&A

4:00 Vespers

4:45 Retreat Closing



To retreat is to move back or withdraw. We retreat from the bustle and distractions of the world. During a vocational retreat, we hope that this peace and quiet with only God and ourselves will give us a clear insight as to our vocation. "We should occupy our mind in recollection, keeping our soul tranquil in the presence of God, so that later on, like pure water under the rays of that beautiful Sun, we may clearly see..." -St. Jane Frances De Chantal


"The utility and the opportuneness of Sacred Retreats, will be readily recognised by any one who considers, however lightly, the times in which we now live. The most grave disease by which our age is oppressed... is that levity and thoughtlessness which carry men hither and thither through devious ways. Hence comes the constant and passionate absorption in external things; hence, the insatiable thirst for riches and pleasures that gradually weakens and extinguishes in the minds of men the desire for more excellent goods, and so entangles them in outward and fleeting things that it forbids them to think of eternal truths." -Pope Pius XI

“Here, (in retreat) noise, agitation, speed lose all their rights. Here it is question of entering into the interior sanctuary, in calm and silence, and above all of patient and humble waiting for the grace from on high..."

-Pope Pius XII

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